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Rysskoe Delo is a small family owned company that was established in California in March, 2013. From the day of our establishment, we continue to bring professional services to our local businesses and customers. Our rapidly growing community consists of the elite businesses that have highest customer service ratings and are Rysskoe Delo Business certified (RYD certified).

Rysskoe Delo is not just an ordinary business directory; it is a business club where each business should be a part of. By listing your business at Rysskoe Delo you tell your clients that you strive to bring excellence. With Rysskoe Delo your professional service is reflected for the whole world to see.
We specialize in online advertising and marketing for small businesses. We promote our clients to ensure their businesses grow and become successful. We carefully study the market and where their business is best suited for advertisement. This process not only ensures that our client’s business receives correct clients, but is also recognized among the community.
Rysskoe Delo also provides professional business services that include a complete website and logo design. Our web hosting packages comes with Free (.com/net) domain registration. We will set up the web hosting and activate your website for your convenience. Rysskoe Delo offers business solutions that will make your business stand out from the competition.
So, let us continue to grow and build our online business community. If you are a business owner, list your business with us and announce that you are here to bring excellence. If you are looking for services and need to hire a contractor, vendor, or any other qualified individual, rest assured! We have done the picking for you and your choices are limited to only the best at Rysskoe Delo! We welcome each and every one committed to success to Rysskoe Delo!
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